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Massage butter – Quality – Time
With Shea Aloe, cocoa or orange lemongrass aroma. The very rich massage butter gently melts the skin. The aromatic and invigorating oils give the massage a stimulating and particularly smooth character.

Candle – wax – massage
The unique massage candles contain protective beeswax and soothing vanilla oil. The skin elasticity is improved and intensively cultivated. The melting temperature is between 50 and 60 ° C, so that the liquid wax can be used directly for comfortable warm massage.

Further we offer

Hot Stone
followed by almond oil back massage. Within our winter offer you pay

Back to the roots
The soothing and healing properties of Moor was already discovered in the 19th century. This is a real classic. No wonder, because the unique effect of peat pack provides deep heat of all tissue layers. As a result, you can relax , resulting in a deep well-being in all the muscles. The equally physical as well as psychological effects of a warm peat pack makes the treatment so unique. It brings in a gentle way, the solution of blockages and loosening tight muscles.

We also offer:

  • Back massage (~ 30 min.)
  • Whole body massage (~ 60 min.)